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You can watch short video components of each of the lectures. Just click on the links below. Since the Professor will be at a conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls in Denmark for the first class, the video components for April 2 will replace the class meeting on campus. Watch these at your leisure before our second meeting on April 9, and add comments on the blogs beneath each video.

Date Topic
• April 2
From Quills to Computers
Video 1. Introduction
Video 2. Manuscripts in the News
Video 3. The Truth behind the Bible
Video 4. Why the Manuscripts Matter
Video 5. The Great Manuscript Discoveries
Video 6. Technology and the Texts
• April 9 Discoveries in the Judean Desert:
The Dead Sea Scrolls
• April 16 Discoveries in the Egyptian Desert:
Sinai & Oxyrhynchus
• April 23 The Gnostic Codices of Nag Hammadi
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